December 01, 2005

Deion, You're an Asshat

Deion Sanders, proving once again he has no clue, has some enlightenment to add the situations of a former NFL player, and a current one.

First of them being, convicted drug boy Michael Irvin, who had yet another brush with the law. Seems he got pulled over for speeding, and the police found some drug paraphernalia in his car. Irwin claims it isn't his, he took it from a friend and put it in his car, till he could dispose of it. Deion defended him, saying he knows Michael, and your innocent until proven guilty, and all that mess.

Now, we all know that he is legally innocent of crime right now, but face it. Michael Irwin is a crack baby. We all know if you take the pipe from the user, they'll use aluminum foil, an aluminum can, some rolling papers, or whatever else they can to do the shit. Also, why the hell would you take it away, and conveniantly put it in your car, when according to his story, he took it from him at his house? Didn't have a spot in the house to hide it? Couldn't just, oh, throw it away? He got busted for shit Deion. Just shut your mouth. Innocent until proven guilty doesn't mean ignore the fact he's been busted several times before, so its a bit more likely he is repeating past behavior. If you catch your gf/wife sleeping with another man, she's guilty. If a week later your buddy says dude's car was at your house again after you left, do you think she's guilty of doing it again, or are you going to hold a trial?

Next up on the list, everyone's favorite wide receiving asshole, Terrell Owens gets defended by Mr. Fancypants Deion. Seems Deion can't see why the Eagles suspended T.O., and told him to stay away from the team for the rest of the season.

There is a thing you never had in your career, that T.O. doesn't have either - professionalism. You don't go around talking shit about your teamates. A team gives warnings first. All that happens behind closed doors. Eventually, it passes that. Sooner or later, they get tired of smelling your shit and get rid of you. You, the player, is not worth the aggravation and trouble you bring to the team. Just because you are a talented player, doesn't mean you have the right to play. If you bring more baggage than you're worth, you're gone. It's that simple. NFL teams look at the whole team as what matters, not just what is best for your ass. The owners pay YOU by choice, not because they have to. If you do what they want, you are employed. You don't perform the way they want, you're fired. I don't care how good you are at washing the lettuce at McDonalds, if you take a dump on the counter, odds are you'll be fired.

In other words: Deion shut up. I'd say you took too many hits to the head, but anyone who's seen you try to tackle someone knows you don't know the meaning of "hitting."


Blogger Leah said...

Did you hear about the Congressman who wanted to defend TO's labor rights?! Thankfully, the Congressman (I forget who) has decided to drop the battle...good grief.

I hope Irvin is kicked off Countdown so I can enjoy it twice weekly in enjoyable peace. :)

Thu Dec 01, 01:39:00 PM CST  
Blogger Matt said...

Dion Sanders is still alive? He must be damn near sixty, huh?

Thu Dec 01, 04:59:00 PM CST  
Blogger Froyd said...

owens should die.

deion sanders always was and still is an asshat...he's got nothin' on Bo Jackson.

Bo Knows Asshats, and Bo Knows Deion!

Fri Dec 02, 08:47:00 PM CST  

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