May 28, 2008

Still Dead... But Mummies Draw Visitors

30,000 hits now.

Newer, random updates over hither yonder.

September 11, 2007

Short Version...

As noted in my August 27th post... This blog has MOVED.

Needed a change of scenery.

It's here now: Inactively Speaking

August 27, 2007

The 27th... A Day of Change

The twenty seventh of the month has been a day of major changes in my life. Just in this year alone I have:
  • put "Dusty Old Cat" to sleep
  • realized I was falling for a girl I was dating
  • been dumped by said girl
  • been told my grandmother was put in hospice, and had hours, maybe days to live (she's still alive and getting better I am happy to report, several months later)
  • Plus just numerous other minor happenings that have greatly affected my life.
Previous years have been similar:
  • My dad's retirement.
  • An ex-gf causing some drama.
  • My discovery of Haagan Daas caramel cone ice cream (yes, its that good).
  • an anniversary with one of the great loves of my life.
  • I picked my major on my return to school.
(I got all this information from going backwards in time on a personal journal I keep)

So, because of this, I have decided to wait till the 27th to make another bit of a change: I am retiring this blog.

Yes, this is the last post.

I had begun to feel a bit trapped in this blog. I've no longer been writing openly on it. It had its time and place, so now I am moving on to a new blog.

Yeah, gravy doesn't die, it just takes on a different shape.

August 23, 2007

All... On Your iPhone

August 20, 2007

Deep Thought

How long till Ikea sues Apple for copyright infringement for all the *i* products?

August 19, 2007


This blog has been infested by crickets and tumbleweeds.

Beware of the cobwebs...


Yonder dust bunny approaches!!!

August 13, 2007

Peanuts 2007

If the peanuts began today, what would they look like...

Maybe this?